Classé encore en 2017 meilleur élevage Français ,notre élevage remet en jeu ce titre pour la 14 ème année consécutive !!!!...Tous nos reproducteurs sont testés histiocytose et dysplasie hanches et coudes / Venez découvrir nos grands évènements dans la rubrique "NEWS"

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Haras de la vergne kennel

I have been of professional dog breeder since 1986 specializing in this wonderful breed that seduced me by its beauty and personality. Since 2006 Frédric has been sharing my life and my passion….

Thanks to our hard meticulous selective work and our great results in international dog shows we quickly became quite famous for the quality of our dogs. We aim everyday to maintain and even increase our high quality standards.

Our domain is located in the great French region of Dordogne on a 35-hectares green and hilly land; this large space lets our dogs enjoy a great freedom.

What a beautiful sight to see a group of Bernese dogs roaming free! !!



Our adult dogs enjoy two hectares of land just for them.

Two beautiful flowered alleys lead to the parks .

They live in small groups in large parks (2000m2 each) with lots of trees and shades.

In each park a kennel is at their disposal but they can come in and get out freely and are never locked in. They groups are generally made up of 4 to 6 dogs, according to age and affinities.


    The nursery is very important to us. Designed and built for the highest comfort and security of mothers and their puppies.

    The nursery is located inside our house; the mothers get familiar with the location a few days before the birth of their puppies.

    Each box has a video camera monitoring, floor heating and air conditioning.
    Everything is set out to guarantee the security of the mothers and their puppies; we have all the latest adequate material to act rapidly and efficiently when needed.


    When the puppies get a little older, they are moved to the maternity house. They have more space to grow up peacefully and play joyfully.

    We are very strict and adamant about cleanliness in all areas of our dog breeding domain, we know that is the best guarantee for the survival of our babies and the well beings of our puppies and dogs.

    The materials used are at the top of the European Veterinary standards, they allow for a meticulous, easy and efficient disinfection.

    The kennels are very comfortable; they each measure 25 m2 and have an outside playing area for the puppies. The kennels are heated so the puppies do not suffer from the winter cold.

    The kennels are all equipped with a full sound system, thus we are able to socialize the puppies by having them listen to CDs of music or unknown noises such as daily life sounds (phone, vacuum cleaner, doorbell, television, tools.), city sounds (cars, trains, planes, crowds.) countryside sounds (all animal noises), children voices (laughing, cries, screaming, playgrounds…).

  • LE « BABY CLUB » :

    We have many employees to take good care of the dogs. That way, the puppies can get accustomed to being petted by different people, we spend a lot of time with them, and they are socialized by people that are passionate about their job and highly competent. Finally when they leave for their new family they are well balanced in their head and « well balanced on their paws »…


    We feed our dogs with traditional home cooking: beef, chicken, rice, pasta, carrots, zucchinis and green beans. Everything is fresh; we grow most of our vegetables. Our recipes remain “top secret”….

    It requires a lot of preparation work and organization but we are greatly rewarded because when mealtime comes, our dogs seem to really appreciate all our efforts… .

    Before leaving for their new homes the puppies are accustomed to dry dog food, which is the most convenient food for our clients and naturally healthy and well-balanced if you choose a good brand.


    Two air conditioning rooms are dedicated to dog grooming and beauty treatments.

    Bernese mountain dogs love to be brushed and washed for them it really is an enjoyable moment…


    Magic moments …. Everyday, Frédric or I, we take our Bernese dogs out for a walk. Our domain is entirely fenced, so we are lucky to be able to take them for walks in all security and safety. These moments are great, we are able to play and relax we our dogs and observe them enjoying themselves.

    So fun also to enjoy walks around the lakes or in the forest.

    We hope these pictures will prompt you to come visit us. We hope they reflected the respect we have for our dogs and the energy we put into making them as happy as possible at the Haras de la vergne.

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