Classé encore en 2017 meilleur élevage Français ,notre élevage remet en jeu ce titre pour la 14 ème année consécutive !!!!...Tous nos reproducteurs sont testés histiocytose et dysplasie hanches et coudes / Venez découvrir nos grands évènements dans la rubrique "NEWS"

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Very endearing, level-headed and affectionate dog, even a little "sticky", he likes nothing more than share your activities and proudly show you that he is an active member of your family!

He is very good with children, aware of his strength; he is very gentle and patient with them

He cohabits well with other animals, big or small. Dissuasive but not aggressive he protects his family and his territory.

After reading these lines you think you've found the ideal breed.... YES..., if you respect his needs and give him some training bases (see next chapter). If not, you might not enjoy all the qualities this dog has to offer, which would be a pity.